Fishermen’s Village Announces $40 Million in Improvements and New Development

Punta Gorda, Fla. - April 10, 2015 – Fishermen’s Village, the city’s major tourist magnet, maritime port, and dining and retail center overlooking Charlotte Harbor, is poised to undergo a two-phased, $40-million renovation and redevelopment.

The announcement this week by the principal owners of Fishermen’s Village launches the start of immediate renovations and lays the groundwork for a five-year expansion phase at the 35-year-old facility, all of which will be undertaken with private financing, requiring no tax breaks or financial liability on the part of the City of Punta Gorda, said investment partners Jon Larmore and Jeremy Hamilton.

Larmore and Hamilton are executives and managing partners of ArciTerra, parent company of ATA Fishville FL, LLC, based in Phoenix, Arizona, which owns Fishermen’s Village.


Punta Gorda Restaurant Entrance


“Fishermen’s Village has grown into a regionally significant destination that offers a unique culture and charm that have not been replicated elsewhere,” Larmore said from his Phoenix offices. “The time is right to build on this successful model and ensure its productivity for years to come.”


Punta Gorda Beach


Patti Allen, long-time general manager of Fishermen’s Village, described the impact of the two-phased work plan to Punta Gorda City Council in its April 15 session: “Our improvements will create more than 100 new jobs and significantly increase revenues to the city from new sales, property taxes, and payroll taxes. We believe that our plans will help fuel ongoing efforts to establish Punta Gorda as a top-tier destination for tourists, snowbirds and year-round residents,” she said.


Scotty's Brewhouse


The renovation and development will occur in two phases. Phase one, scheduled to begin immediately and budgeted at approximately $8 million, includes:

• Constructing new main entrance: designed to be more welcoming.
• Renovating center court: removing plantings and infrastructure that block harbor views; raising the floor height to be level with the mall walkway; adding palm trees, new furniture, new decking for waterfront and sunset views, a moveable stage and retractable presentation screen; and adding beverage and food service.
• Creating additional parking.
• Extending the Punta Gorda Harborwalk: to follow the shoreline and waterside of the village perimeter terminating at Marion Avenue, providing spectacular sunset views and directly connecting Fishermen’s Village with downtown Punta Gorda.
• Opening Scotty’s Brewhouse restaurant ( in the former Oyster Bar location.
• Expanding and renovating restroom facilities.


Punta Gorda Waterfront


Fishermen’s Village is proposing shoulder the cost of the Harborwalk extension, the City of Punta Gorda will not have to spend $335,000 budgeted for this, freeing those dollars for other projects

A major feature of phase one includes completing the Punta Gorda Harborwalk extension, which will save the city more than a half-million dollars in capital outlay. “Because Fishermen’s Village is proposing shoulder the cost of the Harborwalk extension, the City of Punta Gorda will not have to spend $335,000 budgeted for this, freeing those dollars for other projects,” Allen told City Council.

Phase two, anticipated to be completed within five years at a cost of $30-35 million, will include:

• Building a new mixed-use building: housing retail shops, restaurants, and new marina facilities, including a ship store, showers, laundry and community gathering space.
• Constructing a parking deck: to accommodate approximately 150 additional parking spaces.
• Adding a sand beach with zero-entry and negative edge pool: overlooking the harbor.

In order to facilitate and finance the projects, Fishermen’s Village is asking the city to allow it to purchase adjacent property parcels that are not already owned by ATA Fishville, LLC. Several independent appraisals exist on the parcels, including the most recent one obtained by the city for approximately $3.5 million.

Punta Gorda Marina

“The managing partners of Fishermen’s Village are committed to these buying the parcels from the city at the full amount of their appraised value, $3,510,000, because they want this to be a good and fair deal for the city and our community,” Allen said. In addition, the investors will not request city tax breaks, enterprise incentives, or other considerations in order to undertake their expansion plans.

In her presentation to City Council, Allen said ATA Fishville partners are committed to every step of these major enhancements: “Fishermen’s Village is an outstanding economic engine for our city and one of its largest employers. We are building on a proven concept and refreshing a highly successful business model in order to fuel that economic engine for decades to come,” Allen said.

ATA Fishville Fl, LLC
1200 W. Retta Esplanade 57A
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Patti Allen General Manager Fishermen's Village
Phone: (941) 575-3050
Fax: (941) 639-3793

49 Responses to “Fishermen’s Village Announces $40 Million in Improvements and New Development”

  1. Christina Andrews

    I love Fisherman’s Village, The shops and places to eat are unrivaled. I take my grand daughters there on Friday evenings to dine at Village Fish Market and listen to music. I can’t wait until it’s facelift is completed, it will be beautiful.

  2. Priscilla Smythe

    i am so excited to hear the great news for Fisherman’s Village. It will be a great enhancement to our area.

    • Kathy Burnam

      Thank you for your kind comments Priscilla, so glad you are as excited as we are!

      • Ken

        I hope they will still have a band area included in their new development. We are excited to see the new development comming to Fisherman’s Village.

  3. Tami Casg

    EXCELLENT – Bravo for leading the way into a future that sets a new standard for future companies to follow!!! You make me proud to call Punta Gorda home.

    Tami Cash

  4. Marlene Carrero

    Hooray! About time.

  5. Linda Hugglestone

    I am interested in learning more about this exciting venture.

  6. Paul Chaveas

    How will this impact the condo units ? We have loved staying at Fisherman in the past (using our timeshare exchange at least 4 times), but the bathrooms are so inaccessible that we had to stop coming. Hopefully unitsare being converted to walk-in showers, instead of tub-shower setups.

  7. James Thompson

    Wow. That is nice but I sure hope the Village Fish Market restaurant will be staying there!

  8. Kim Remer

    I am a local and go there often. This is so very exciting, can’t wait to experience the new village!!!! 🙂

  9. Lou Brancaccio

    In 1975, I was covering the City of Punta Gorda for the News-Press and did several stories about this new idea called Fishermen’s Village. It’s come a long way!

  10. Linda dubeau

    I have been visiting punta gorda for over 10 years. Love fishermans wharf but haven’t stopped in there as much over the past couple of years. They really need to go through the facility to improve its all around appearance and offer more options in order to keep the customers there rather than walk through and leaving. I not only support the project, we look forward to completion.

  11. Jack stone

    we would like to spend more time visiting the village but we have an aversion to cigarette/cigar smoke.trying to ‘dodge” the smokers is not fun.We are full time residents and have been for more than 25 years. You can do all the renovation you like,but so long as the smoke is present we and our guests will not be.

  12. Betty Laundre

    My husband and I own two weeks at Fisherman’s Village and always look forward to our visits in June. This year will be the 14th year we go. We are so excited for the renovation..

  13. Nancy J. Semon

    WOW! I have been coming here since 1988; built a home in Punta Gorda Isles in 1997, and have been loving it here ever since. I always thought that Fishermen’s Village had so much more potential, and this is the vision that I had in mind all those decades ago. Congrats, planners – you’re going to do SO well.

  14. Sheila

    Finally, a beach in Punta Gorda! Won’t have to travel to Venice or Nokomis all the time.

  15. Tracy Cantanucci

    This is very exciting. We have been going to Fisherman’s Village since the early 90’s. We lived in PGI for 13 years and loved going there several times a week. We moved back to NYS 7 years ago, but have fond memories of the Village! Best of luck and hope to visit sometime this coming Winter.

  16. Judy Schnabel

    Am a full time resident and am so excited about this news. Love the Village Fish Market and hope it doesn’t go anywhere. But am excited about Scotty’s Brewhouse.

  17. Muriel Nash

    I have lived in Charlotte County since 1975,when Fisherman’s Warf was a seafood center .I was excited to see the plans then for a destination for family and friends visiting.Now again ,a new center to high light a wonderful area.

  18. Rise Wells

    Not only do I frequent Fisherman’s Village but I always send my customers there when they come in to the very first time. it is truly the focal point and this will make it even more attractive I’m very excited to hear this wonderful news for our town.

  19. Carole Starks

    This new development for Fishermen’s Village excites me to no end! What a proud show place filled endless enjoyment this will bring to all of us FT residents, as well as our snowbirds, and visitors alike. Can’t wait! I Love Living in Punta Gorda!!! Bring It!!!

  20. Carole Starks

    Wow!! This new development for Fishermen’s Village excites me to no end! What an awesome show place filled with endless fun and enjoyment this will bring to all native Punta Gordians, retired full time residents, loyal Snowbirds and friendly visitors. Can’t wait!!
    I Love Retirement in Punta Gorda!
    Make us All Proud…Bring It!!!

    • Sandra Slattery

      Punta Gorda is a beautiful place to live, I can’t say enough good things about my new home here 7 years now. And all can say is “were have you been all my life”. The new renovations planned look creatively brilliant. I can’t be happier.

  21. Margaret Andrews

    I like it. The City should use the money from the sale of adjacent properties to open” Alligator Pass” to the Harbor. BUT………………DO NOT CALL IT ” FISHVILLE” ……………..Tacky, Tacky, Tacky !!!!!!

    • fishville

      Margaret, thank you for your feedback!! It always has been and will be “Fishermen’s Village”. There has never been any discussion related to changing the name. The website has been for a very longtime because it was short and easy to spell. We hope you come in soon!!

  22. Donna Eliason

    Wow how exciting! It needs a facelift and I think the things that are here look great.

  23. Tina Soucier

    Very exciting news! Looking forward to it!

  24. Joe Tine

    Great way to utilize the nature around us This will make our area an awesome place to live. Thanks

  25. Jackie


  26. Mike Finley

    Looks impressive, way to go!, look forward to seeing it all come together, always enjoy going there anyhow, will be even more of a “spot” to go to.

  27. Sherron

    Love the plans! Keep the Village Fish Market as part of the future as well.
    We love so much about being Punta Gorda residents…including Fisherman’s Village.

  28. Joanne Sullivan

    Exciting announcement and a real plus for the entire City of Punta Gorda and it’s residents. Good luck with this project.

  29. Stan Lisiecki

    Great idea. Love Fishermans Village. During tourist season (Jan-Apr) the parking situation is really bad. If only there was some way to expand parking.

  30. Lester

    One thing that would be nice would be to make the entire facility non-smoking. While quasi-open it can still tend to get quite a bit stinky.

    Also, being a nearly completely wooden structure, smoking has to be a huge fire hazard and if a fire ever got going it would go fast like a torch. I’m surprised the fire marshal permits it now.

    Also make the facility more local friendly. Allow locals to get priority parking passes. In the winter it is just impossible to find a place to park.

    Otherwise, I hope it does not loose its character. Good luck.

  31. Pat Davis

    We moved here in Feb 2012 and fell in love with Punta Gorda immediately. Love Fisherman’s Village and I like the idea of MORE PARKING. Also, more restaurants and a BEACH. I agree with Lester, make it ALL NON-SMOKING. Might even consider a “trolly” of sorts from additional parking to and from the main area.

  32. Joyce

    Will 150 new parking spaces be sufficient to accommodate expected visitors to the expansion?

  33. Rob

    I agree with Lester. It is nearly impossible to find outdoor dining in Punta Gorda where you do not have to inhale cigarette smoke. Plus, walking through the Village is pretty nasty, if you get behind a smoker.

    We go frequently to Naples and eat outside in non-smoking environments, and the restaurant row in Boynton Beach is now all non-smoking.

    How lovely would it be to sit outdoors and have a beverage and a meal without tobacco or E-cig fumes?

    This would make Fisherman’s Village even better and we would go more often.

  34. Linnea

    Very exciting changes. Have been coming here since 1981 when my parents retired here. I agree with Margaret…keep it Fishermen’s Village not FISHVILLE..that sounds like a hick class. Tacky, tacky, tacky!

    The boutiques offer unique clothing you can’t find at the mall. That’s why I shop there only.

    The Fish Market’s food is awesome…will be looking forward to Scotty’s Brewhouse occupying Oyster Bar’s empty space.

    Can’t wait til the renovations are done! 🙂

    • fishville

      Linnea, thank you for your feedback and we are so glad you are excited!! It always has been and will be “Fishermen’s Village”. There has never been any discussion related to changing the name. The website has been for a very longtime because it was short and easy to spell. We look forward to you coming in soon and thank you again!

  35. Doug Wilson

    We usually visit twice a year and Love Fisherman’s Village, the shops especial’y The Sand Pebble , Village Fish Market,Captain’s Table and Harpoon Harry’s

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    […] Fisherman’s Village. An indoor/outdoor boardwalk featuring novelty shopping and restaurants on the water. It will soon undergo a $40M makeover to include a sandy beach, an infinity pool and a brewery. […]

  37. Carol

    I cant wait to see the “new” fisherman’s village! The plans sound great. A local beach , new resturant, and hopefully some new shops. Yes, Punta Gorda is more of a retirement community but this is a chance for some new fresh and exciting changes! I think these changes may bring in younger families which will be beneficial to all the local shops and resturants even in town.

  38. Sylvia Robinson

    What about the band stand? Will music still be played at center court? Thanks

  39. Joan Winters

    As one of the former owners of the “Liquor Cabinet” I am happy to hear of the improvements. It was always my favorite places. I loved it and never regretted being there and living there for 12 1/2 years. Still miss it.

  40. Hank & Maureen Butt

    We live in PGI 7 months of the year and love FV. Everything you describe sounds terrific. Looking forward to the needed improvements and we will continue to support our local merchants. Great news !

  41. Cynthia

    My husband and I are Regulars at Fisherman’s Vil. Love the views, restaurants, activities and shops. Excited about renovations, just hope you don’t push out the present shopkeepers(whom I love). A big drawing card is the moderate pricing. There are way too many exclusive waterfront areas in FL…don’t become one!

  42. Missy Somers

    Yes. A facelift is greatly anticipated. Now if someone would just build a Fresh Market with bistros and outdoor eateries and maybe a movie house in the vacant lot downtown Punta Gorda. How about our own micro brewery with a modern twist What a giant leap into the future market of new residents and visitors.

  43. Julie Mac

    We’re very excited to see the new proposals for Fisherman’s Village. We’re moving down to Punta Gorda because we love the vibe and warm people.
    Renovating and updating this city waterfront treasure will assure years of vibrancy to come! Very pleased to see your plans, and urge the city to see this project through to its full completion.

  44. Lesley Barton

    I read about this back in April and I’ve been so ECSTATIC about it ever since!! It is indeed Punta Gorda’s jewel and friends and customers alike that see it for the first time are always delighted by it! BRAVO!!


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