Fishermen’s Village to Buy nearby Impac



March 7, 2017


For Immediate Release


Fishermen’s Village to Buy nearby Impac 


Punta Gorda, FL–Fishermen’s Village General Manager Patti Allen today confirmed that the owner of the popular Fishermen’s Village Mall, Marina and Resort is planning to purchase the long-idle Impac compound.  Allen says:  “We are extremely excited by the potential we see there and expect our closing within 60 days.  Our current proposed plan is to covert one of the buildings into luxury vacation rental units.  The remainder of the site still remains in the planning phase.  The property is practically next door to Fishermen’s Village, and since we currently manage 47 resort units at Fishermen’s Village this project is a natural extension of what we’re doing already.  The facility is also within easy walking distance of downtown Punta Gorda’s historic district, restaurants, shops and the Events Center and we believe that our continued investment in Punta Gorda will benefit all the businesses in the City.  It’s a win-win project which will add to the synergy of Fishermen’s Village as well as Punta Gorda.  Our goal is to work cooperatively with the City Council and City staff as we have in the past to accomplish this exciting change.”

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